D. Ployerie









The Donald Ployerie franchise has exclusive rights over the franchise on a 25-kilometer peripheral territory in the concept, the Donald ployerie franchisees offer a healty menu, as well as a fast home-delivery service. It' a one kind opportuniyty. Please visit ployerie.com/menu (Auteur, Donald G. Plourde).

This concept involves two kinds of franchises: Type I costs $1,200,000 with an octagon-shape building. The exterior finish is in cedar shingles and the interior is in old style, bringing back memories of the delicious meals of yesteryears that the baby-boomers love so much. Type 2 costs $200,000, and you may use the building of your choice.

This franchise concept gives two opportunities:

The first opportunity is the refund of the initial Type I franchise of $1,200,000 with a $100,000 royalty given at the time of the sale of 12 subsequent franchises.

The second opportunity is the refund of the Type 2 initial franchise, following the sale of the next five franchises. A fee of $200,000 will be paid. Don't you think this is a wonderful opportunity?



Donald G. Plourde