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Kim’s game

Dear athletes, excursionists and congress participants,

As a promoter of the Republic of Madawaska Sports Oasis Project with Kim’s Game, I am pleased to invite all athletic groups such as hockey, baseball, and soccer players as well as other groups, namely police officers, fire agents, ambulance drivers, nurses and others to come and have a good time while taking part in one of the 13 outdoor excursions with Kim’s Game. Some of them, like Petit Témis, can be practiced alone or in groups and have a duration of one to seven days. Currently, two excursions are achievable, namely, A) Petit Témis and B) Les Deux Forts. In the summer of 2016, four others will be added, namely: C) Croisière du lac Témis and D) La République as well as I) Pedestrian and J) Cycling.

In addition, the Republic of Madawaska Sports Oasis offers to all congress participants an opportunity to enjoy themselves during their congress or convention in the sector of the  Oasis. Consequently, it would be very interesting and fun for you to plan outdoor excursions with Kim’s Game during your stay with us. The main  Sports Oasis reception center is Hotel 1212 in Dégelis. Please visit www.le1212.com. 

 It has a magnificent reception room with a seating capacity of 200. It is located near the  Petit Témis bike trail, www.petit-temis.com which is 130 km long and runs through the chain of the Appalachian Mountains range along the beautiful Temiscouata Lake as well as the Saint John River and ends at the Grand Falls Gorge. So, to all the athletes, excursionists and congress participants who wish to experience an excursion with BP Kim’s game, you may now purchase your souvenir certificate, to give you an idea of the tourists that visit us and go to the places that are convenient to your excursion.

To make the  Sports Oasis excursions more interesting, I have planned, throughout the course, a test called BP Kim’s Game. It consists in doing exercises while developing your observation and memory skills.  Excursions A-B-C- along the bike trail are considered to be in the urban sector and the questions deal with the memorials, various commercial, historical or religious buildings. Therefore, ten questions will be asked per excursion with three possible answers. However, for all the other excursions in the forestry, five questions will be asked during the journey. When you see the sign Outdoor Recreational Excursion with Kim’s Game, go there to relax, observe the surrounding landscape as well as any other extraordinary thing you may see. You may take notes and pictures to help you pass your test.

For outdoor recreational excursions along the bike trail of Petit Témis, the excursionists will have to visit the Main Street of the villages to use their observation and memory skills, while playing Kim’s game. So, here is the main sign displaying the Sports Oasis logo that you will need to watch for throughout the excursions. They bear different trail signs and symbols that will give you the necessary information to help you pass your test with a score of 100%.

The Outdoor Recreational Excursions with Kim’s Game are made between two rivers, namely the Saint-Lawrence River, in the province of Quebec and the Saint-John River in the province of New Brunswick. These 3-7-day excursions are made along the wonderful Appalachian Mountain Chains and can be organized throughout the year, rain or shine, on a magnificent 135-kilometer trail. An additional 70 kilometres will be added to the extension of the Edmundston bike trail in Grand Falls. Bus services as well as taxis and car rentals are available to meet your transportation needs up to the starting or finishing point or the excursion.

Some advice for Kim’s Game: it is important to use your sense of observation and take notes and photos during your journey. These notes will come in handy for your test.  You will agree that the Republic of Madawaska Sports Oasis is an ideal place where, by God’s grace, it is interesting to live in harmony with nature. 


The Republic of Madawaska Sports Oasis invites you to have fun while

Here are the various trail signs used during the excursions

participating in one of these thirteen outdoor recreational excursions: A- Petit Témis, B- Les Deux Forts, C- Croisière, D- La République, E- La Rivière-Verte, F- Malobiannah, G- Bellevue and H- Allagash

However, the excursions of the Témiscouata National Parc sector: H-Pedestrian, I-Biking, J-Canoeing, K-Snowshoeing and L-Cross Country Skiing a few one will be ready in time for the opening of the wonderful Témiscouata Lake Park expected to open in 2013. Each excursion allows you to buy a souvenir certificate that you will find at the site’s bank.  All the excursion certificates cost $25 each and make you eligible to participate in the BP-Sports Oasis Inc. certificates draw. This draw will take place at the Degelis Western Festival in 2016.The cost is divided as follow: $15 accumulated for the draw at the sale of each certificate, and $10 to Sports Oasis Inc.



When you finish your excursion, go to the place where you are staying, log on to the hotel’s computer and ask for the questionnaire that matches the excursion that you did to obtain your score in a few minutes. If you prefer, you may do it when you get home.You will receive your souvenir certificate by email in the following days. Print it and laminate or frame it. You will then be eligible for the annual draw.

Anyone who wishes to buy memorabilia clothing with the Republic of Madawaska Sports Oasis logo embroidered on the edge of it may order it at the Excel Store:   http://imprimerie-excel.com. During your stay in the region, when you get to the Pavillon de Estacade at the City of Edmundston's Marina, cross the Bernard Valcourt foot bridge, and go to the nearby Excel printing shop located at 15 Costigan Street to pick it up. 

All those who take part in a Sports Oasis excursion have to accept, at their own risk, to suffer all the possible consequences. Therefore, some excursions must be done with a compass or GPS because BP Sports Oasis Inc. is not responsible for anyone who gets lost in the forest. Caution and safety are necessary.


Oasis Outdoor Recreation

As a promoter, I am speaking to the mayors of the municipalities located within the Republic of Madawaska Sports Oasis region to invite them to contribute to the success of this great and beautiful project that comes at the right time to help the regional economy. Consequently, the Sports Oasis Outdoor Recreation Centre is ready now, providing some improvement. The Le Montagnais Outdoor Recreation Centre belongs to the Temiscouata Lake National Park and would be ideal to receive various national groups, namely the scouts and others of all ages who want to take part in some outdoor Kim’s Game recreational excursions, an important tourist attraction that is in a class by itself.


The Oasis Visitor Centre

The main Oasis Visitor Centre is a place of accommodation for the tourist who is staying in the Republic of Madawaska Sports Oasis region. It runs from Rivière-du-Loup to Grand Falls and helps the tourist take part in various outdoor recreational excursions with Kim’s Game. Therefore, the concept of the Oasis includes a Visitor Centre to accommodate customers who want to stay among us for three to seven days. Obviously, this concept will boost the economy of the Oasis Region. However, when the 1212 will be completed, hikers and convention delegates will be housed in various hotels, motels and gites surrounding the beautiful Lake Temiscouata.

The Visitor Centre will have the following advantages: 13 outdoor recreation excursions with Kim’s Game, an ad on the website, in addition to an ad paid by the municipal, provincial and federal Tourism Ministry as an important tourist attraction. This rare concept is presented at a perfect time since 10 million baby boomers in Canada, in addition to our American neighbours, are retired and looking for outdoor activities such as Kim’s Game. As explained in the introduction, this game is a real asset.

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 Enjoy your outdoor excursion and may God bless you!

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